Our Philosophy

The LL.B. Programme at the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos offers and prepares students for the legal profession and other various fields. The LL.B. degree is the basic requirement for entrance into the legal profession. In the first year, students take the course Legal Methods which introduces them to the methods of legal reasoning and legal research. Students are also required to take some non-law subjects that help to develop their understanding of society, strengthen their capacity for logical thinking, and equip them with computer use skills.

During the following four years, students are required to undertake and pass core law courses such as Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Law of Evidence, Land Law, Law of Equity and Trust, Commercial Transactions, Jurisprudence. High quality teaching is prioritised in the Faculty, hence the lecturers are encouraged to combine various teaching methods to deliver their lectures to students. Assessment models used range from traditional written exams, to assessed presentations, and group work. All courses have the element of continuous assessment. The LL.B. programme equips students on the application of legal principles and reasoning to hypothetical situations.

Our Objectives

Apart from the core law courses, students are allowed to select elective courses that assist them in cultivating their interests, and to explore contemporary areas in law. There are currently 20 elective law courses that cover areas that are as diverse as law of Intellectual Property Law, Environmental Law and Oil and Gas Law. Students are also required to complete an independent research project (dissertation), which has to be presented as part of the requirements for completing the LL.B. Programme.

Our LL.B. programme is accredited by the National Universities Commission and this enables students, on successful completion of the programme to go on to the Nigerian Law School training, which equips them to practice as Barristers and Solicitors.